Moms Night In 2009

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It was a wonderful “Mom’s Night In,” the idea of Beth Feldman of Role Mommy and BeyondPr; sponsored by Bio-Medical Research, Makers of Slendertone; and hosted by Colleen of Classy Mommy.

Talk about just what the doctor ordered!!  Manicures, makeovers, massages,  — a whole night centered around encouraging busy moms to take the time to take care of themselves.

I arrived really late (about 45 minutes!) and had to park on another street, there were so many cars.  It was great chatting and catching up with other Philly mommy bloggers, who I’ve met a few times now, and getting to meet some new faces.

I arrived and went over to the makeover table where Sarah was getting her make-up done. Jo-Lynne had just finished getting hers and they both looked GORGEOUS! There was a line at that point, since word was out how amazing this guy was, so I decided to skip the makeup. (Seeing as not much was going to cover my under-eye circles this week!) But I am absolutely planning to visit his salon, Calista Grand Salon and Day Spa in West Chester, to get a full consultation. He was making everyone look amazing!

So Jo-Lynne and I decided to go for the massage. I believe she may have said something like “You look like you could use one” but I’m not sure.
This is the massage company that is set up in the King of Prussia mall with those massage chairs. I’ve never stopped there, seeing as I usually have two or more children with me. (Although, isn’t that when you could most use some relaxing? Could they somehow combine the massage with babysitting? That would sell. But I digress.) I’ve never even had a chair massage, thinking they weren’t worth it. Boy was I wrong – just 15 minutes did the trick! Even the stiff neck I had been enjoying all day was gone!

We heard a presentation by Bio-Medical Research about their Slendertone products.  I’ve been trying to get inspired to work out more and this was just the message I needed to hear: Make the time to exercise and take care of yourself! It will make you a better mom! I got to take home the Slendertone Revive which I can’t wait to try out.  It is supposed to help sore muscles, of which I have many today, due to impulsively deciding to do some kickboxing yesterday in an attempt to drown my frustration in something that did not contain chocolate!

After that I got my nails done by the delightful ladies of Calista, who did an amazing job. (In the swag bag from Calista was a gift certificate to get a free manicure with a paid pedicure. Like I’m going to let THAT go to waste!!) Even having to duck out early due to sick kids at home, it was such invigorating to spend a little “time out” for mom!

Thanks again to our hostess, Colleen, and of course Beth Feldman, for creating such a great evening “in!!”

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Colleen Kennedy is the sales and project manager for Philly Social Media Moms as well as the gal behind the popular food blog, Souffle Bombay. On her site you will find memorable dishes, cocktails, and food gifts anyone can make. She also features tips for cooking with kids along with her 11-year-old daughter, Samantha. Colleen is a longtime resident of Bucks County, PA, where she resides with her husband and two children.
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