Bubbles to Bubbly in Philly

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Last night a ton of local bloggers and I had a terrific time at  Wisk Bubbles to Bubbly Philly Party! As usual, it was great to catch up with some of my favorite local mom bloggers in real life – which is always a treat – and Sarah from Genesis Moments was our hostess with the mostest and bubble expert.

After chatting, we headed into the Bubble Lab. First we learned about laundry detergent. (I usually don’t give much thought to detergent – I tend to just buy whats on sale.) Turns out that more bubbles does not equal cleaner clothes. Wisk HE laundry detergent saves your HE washer by having less bubbles.

Then we learned about a  type of bubble that is much more fun, but not as much a part of my daily routine: Champagne!! We tasted some different priced champagne, trying to guess which one was more expensive. Turns out that more bubbles, and tiny bubbles, means it is a better bubbly! Who knew?


Mindi, Patti and Megan compare bubbles.


Sarah's double fisting it while Shannon tries not to move the glasses. Team work!


Shannon, Jo-Lynne and Mindi


Shannon, Kelly, Mindi and Patti

It was a great night, a great party and a great group of ladies! Thanks so much, Sarah and Wisk, for bringing Bubbles to Bubbly to Philly!!

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