PSMMs Visit a Horizon Dairy Farm

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Last week a small group of Philly Social Media Moms gathered at Byler’s Dairy, a Horizon Organic family dairy farm in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.

Byler Family Farm

Barry Byler explained that he grew up on a farm, studied agriculture and genetics, and then started his own farm. Within the past 10 years, he transitioned his farm from conventional to organic and now he sells most of his milk to Horizon for use in Horizon’s organic dairy products. Horizon partners with over 600 organic family farmers from every region of the country in addition to running to large organic dairy farms of their own. They are committed to pasture grazing and using sustainable farming methods in order to preserve the land.

The highlight of the trip (for the kids, at least) is when Barry took us up to the pasture and showed us a cow patty and all the living organisms inside since there are no insecticides on their fields.

He explained the beauty of the organic farming model to the kids — the grass grows, the cows eat the grass, their waste fertilizes the grass and helps it to grow again. The kids were duly impressed, and I dare say a few of the adults were too.

We enjoyed a leisurely lunch, compliments of Wannamakers General Store, and then we took a tour of the farm. Barry’s son demonstrated the Bale Wrapper, we had the cow patty demonstration, and then we returned to the barnyard where we met a 2-day old calf that Barry fed with milk from a gigantic baby bottle.

All in all it was a fun and informative day, and we want to thank Farmer Barry for opening up his home to us and the Horizon team for sponsoring this trip.

PSMM members in attendance were Brandi from Mama Knows It All, Trina from O’Boy Organic, Melissa from Girlymama, Stephanie from Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Mom, and Jo-Lynne from Musings of a Housewife.

Here’s a little slideshow with pictures from our day at the farm!

Disclosure: Attendees were provided with a gift card to cover travel costs.

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