What do PSMM Blogs Have in Common with the National Constitution Center?

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The Philadelphia Social Media Moms were invited to visit the National Constitution Center in Philly. Between hanging out and getting to know George, it got me thinking about all the National Constitution Center has in common with PSMM blogs.

Don and Ella from the National Constitution Center

  • Different ideas coming together for a better online and offline community. Just as Don, the Democratic Donkey, and Ella, the Republican Elephant, mascots for the National Constitution Center, have different ideas and viewpoints, so do our Philadelphia-area bloggers. Some of us are single moms, and some are married. Some have large families, and some have small. We talk about cooking, parenting, crafts, couponing, and places to visit.  Yet, all these different viewpoints come together to help each other and make the online and offline communities we serve better, much like we hope the Dons and Ellas come together to make the National Constitution Center and our country better.

    Waiting for the Press Conference, PSMM kids check out the Horse Carriages

  • There’s more to us than you might think. Step in the door of the National Constitution Center, and you may not be able to fully appreciate all there is to explore. Our blogs are the same way. It’s not until you delve in more that you can really appreciate all we have to offer. The National Constitution Center offers visitors 2.5 floors of exhibits such as We the People; Signers’ Hall; Discover the Real George Washington; Spies, Traitors & Saboteurs and more.

    PSMM Kids making candles

  • Engaging all your senses. At the National Constitution Center, each exhibit features plenty for you to see, hear, and touch. On this visit our children got to make candles, create Liberty Bell suncatchers, take a quiz about George Washington, and launch t-shirts from a cannon. At the Philadelphia Social Media Mom blogs, you can learn about recipes to cook, projects to make, parenting styles to try, stylish clothes to wear, exercises to practice, and places to visit. Each of our blogs offers you something to engage your senses.

    Curious about George performance

  • Something for everyone. The National Constitution Center has something for everyone. History fanatics will appreciate learning about George Washington and the Constitution. Artists will appreciate the interpretations of the Liberty Bell. Actors will enjoy the live performances. Crafters will enjoy seeing the quilts created by the members of George Washington’s staff. Kids will enjoy making crafts, taking the oath of office, and trying on Justice O’ Connor’s robe. Just check out our Philadelphia Social Media Moms Blogroll to see all our bloggers have to offer as well.

    Have you signed the Constitution?

  • We’re free! There is no charge to visit our blogs, and we are open all the time so come on over for a visit. ;)  This summer the National Constitution Center is offering FREE admission for children. Up to 4 children can be admitted with 1 paying adult. Adult admission is $12 – $16.50 depending on the number of exhibits you would like to see.  The National Constitution Center is open seven days a week (except for Thanksgiving and Christmas).

The Philadelphia Social Media Mom Blogs and The National Constitution Center… both great places to visit. See you soon.

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