Affiliate Marketing Workshop Sponsored By Horizon®

Our third PSMM Workshop packed the house once again, despite Snowtober’s unwelcome appearance. We tromped through the rain and sleet and snow to hear Debbie Bookstaber of Bloganthropy and Mamanista speak about how to monetize our blogs using affiliate marketing.

Our sponsor for the October workshop was Horizon®, makers of sustainable, organic dairy products.

At Horizon®, we care about healthy families because we’re parents, too. We believe in making healthy choices easy with wholesome, nourishing organic foods we’d proudly serve on our own tables. And as longtime champions of organic, we know that it all begins on the farm. Our network of over 600 organic family farms spans the country — and we’re working hard to expand it every day.

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We will be taking a break for the holidays, and workshops will resume on January 21st with Cecily Kellogg leading a hands-on writing workshop. Local bloggers will NOT want to miss this! Tickets will go on sale after the holidays.

Part of the benefit of the workshops is the time to network and socialize (to say nothing of the fact that no one is pulling on our sleeves, begging to watch TV). We usually go out for lunch afterwards so as to prolong the fun. Here’s part of our group, posing after the Affiliate Marketing Workshop before venturing out into the snow and sleet.

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If you are a local brand who might be interested in partnering with us on future workshops, contact Jo-Lynne Shane.

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Jo-Lynne Shane is co-founder of Philly Social Media Moms and author of her personal fashion and lifestyle blog, Jo-Lynne Shane: My Life & Style, where she shares wearable style and beauty tips for the suburban housewife. Jo-Lynne lives in the western suburbs of Philadelphia with her family.

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  • Carrie says:

    PSMM workshops: one of the few places tweeting during a workshop is not only acceptable but encouraged. Looks like an informative and well attended session; looking forward to 2012’s lineup!

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