Philly Bloggers Cross the River to Meet a Dinosaur in Trenton

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Yes, it’s true. December 29, Philadelphia Social Media Moms and their families crossed over the bridge to meet a T-Rex in Trenton.

Last month, Jersey Family Fun organized a Family Fun Day in Trenton to give families something fun to do and show off how family friendly and affordable a trip to Trenton can be. We had an amazing time.

Karla's kids became part of the exhibit. Their bodies actually fit in the footprint of one dinosaur. Photo credit Jennifer Auer |

We started our day by meeting up at the New Jersey State Museum. Paleontologists from the Field Station: Dinosaur exhibition took us on a tour of the dinosaur fossils on exhibit.

Did you know that the first dinosaurs discovered were found in New Jersey?

Paleontologists Dave and Jason shared with us some interesting facts and took questions from the kids. From there, the kids joined Sam, the Dinosaur Troubador in a dinosaur sing a long.

Sam, the Dinosaur Troubadour lead us in a sing a long. Photo credit Jennifer Auer |

Well maybe it was something about the kids singing but it got the attention of a certain T-Rex. As the kids were still singing, he headed around the corner, slowing peaking in on the kids before making his grand entrance. The T-Rex  snacked a little on one of our guests, caught on film by the Trenton Times. Then, he posed for pictures and allowed the kids to pet him.

Karla did a great job catching her kid's reaction to the T Rex's grand entrance. Karla Trotman |


Photo Credit Hillary Chybinski |

When the show was over, we moved onto the New Jersey State Museum Planetarium to see the Laser Nutcracker Planetarium Show. Our speaker showed us what the sky would have looked like during Christmas years ago when Washington crossed the river. Then, we all put on our 3D glasses to enjoy the show. While holiday music representing Christmas, Hanuakah, and Kwanzaa played, neon images danced and some of us even sang along.

For lunch we reserved a room in a nearby building. Most of us brought our own lunches, but we ended our lunch with yummy goldfish and Milano cookies from Pepperidge Farms and doughnuts from Krispy Kreme.

The action didn’t end with lunch though. Some of our families returned to enjoy the New Jersey State Museum while others headed to the New Jersey State House. Barbara, our guide, led us on an extensive tour of the State House and shared a wealth of information about the State house’s history and symbolism of many of the details.

No, we didn’t meet the governor, but we did score a bonus. Since the assembly was not in session, we got to see many areas that would normally have been off limits.

Creating patchwork quilts at the New Jersey State Museum Hillary Chybinski |


Hillary Chybinski |


Jennifer Auer |

After our tour was over, older children participated in a Make a Law program in the visitor center classroom. We hear they even passed a bill. As younger kids waited outside the classroom, they passed the time playing with the interactive exhibits and building the State House with blocks.

Waiting for the Make a Law program to begin. Photo Credit Jennifer Auer |

Building the State House with blocks. Photo Credit Jennifer Auer |

Everyone had a fun time, and the best part was hearing parents say they didn’t realize that Trenton had all that to enjoy. It does! And you don’t have to be a blogger to enjoy it. Both the New Jersey State Museum and New Jersey State House offer free admission and free parking throughout the year.

The event was organized by Jersey Family Fun and was open to the public.

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