How to Run an Email Marketing Reactivation Campaign

I’m excited to be attending and speaking at the Build Your Influence Summit later this month, and today I’m teaming up with the BYI Summit and AWeber to bring you this post on how to run an email marketing reactivation campaign.


AWeber has been helping businesses grow with email since 1998, and with over 99% deliverability, gets your messages where they need to be: in the inbox. Not only is AWeber a sponsor of the BYI Summit, but they have graciously hosted our past three PSMM workshops, and they also service the PSMM email list.

Email marketing is crucial to growing your audience and converting readers into loyal followers and customers, but to keep your email audience healthy and engaged, it is important to run regular reactivation campaigns. In fact, AWeber recommends running a reactivation campaign every 3-6 months to keep your email community healthy.

What is an Email Reactivation Campaign?

A reactivation campaign basically reminds your subscribers why they connected with you initially, segments out those who are inactive, targets those who are engaged, and shows you who to let go.

How to Run a Reactivation Campaign

1) Run a search for those who haven’t opened one of your emails in the last few months (3-6, depending on how often you send emails.)

2) Start sending a series of reactivation emails. (Typically there would be a series of 3 emails.)

TIP: You want your recipients to understand that these emails are time sensitive and that there is an action that needs to be taken.

3) The first email might introduce a limited time offer or inquire about whether or not the recipient wants to continue receiving emails.

4) A few days later, send a followup email ONLY to those who did not open the previous message. Reintroduce the offer, and make sure the subject line is clear.

5) Finally, send a third message to those who didn’t open the 2nd message. At the end, you have a segment of subscribers who are not opening your messages. These have a HUGE impact on your deliverability ratings. If left in your email audience, your emails will end up getting filtered as spam. It’s time to say good-bye. Delete these emails. Those people aren’t reading your emails, and it only hurts you to keep them in your audience. It’s important to consistently clean out those who are no longer active.

This process, done regularly, is an important part of keeping your email community healthy and engaged.


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