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Multi Level Consumer Engagement

Reach consumers through bloggers they ​trust and relate to​, and harness the power of social media in fun and creative ways. We choose the right influencers for your brand, customize an exciting campaign​,​ and deliver your messaging on all relevant social media channels​ to create​ far-reaching and long-lasting​ impressions​.

Twitter Events

We customize, promote​,​ and host memorable one-time, quarterly,​ or monthly Twitter Event​s.​ Engage consumers faster than you thought possible via our fun, fast​,​ and informative Twitter Parties. Make millions of impressions​ and reach hundreds of thousands of households in just 60 minutes! Can’t believe it? Just wait until you’re part of one. Spread your messaging and images​, get immediate consumer feedback and impression​s, and make a splash​!

Tour | Trip | Event

Want to give consumers a look behind-the-scenes, need ​live coverage,​ or want to build hype​ for an upcoming event or product launch? Work with us to organize a tour, trip, or event that showcases your location or product.​ On the farm, in the factory, at your milestone celebration​,​ or at your live event, take our influencers behind the curtain so they can share your messaging​ ​and build excitement with ​your target ​consumers.​ Our influencers will share their experiences via Instagram, Periscope, Facebook, Twitter​,​ and more​.

Social Influence Programs

Big or small, we can make an impression and spread the word about your event, product or service. ​With our smart and savvy bloggers, we’ll craft a campaign that is right for you and fits your budget. The beautiful thing about social media is that anything could go viral. Whether you are just starting out, re-branding​,​ or celebrating 300 years,​ let us share the benefits of your product/service in a whole new way.