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In January a large group of Philly area bloggers headed up to New York City to attend a taping of the Martha Stewart show. The show was billed as the “blog” show, and you had to request tickets with your name, contact info, and a bunch of stats about your blog. Ironically stats didn’t seem to play a part in the ticketing, since many of our bloggers with large audiences ending up coming as guests.

I secured an awesome deal on hotel rooms, and we all went up and stayed the night since you have to be at the studio super early.

This is before the big show. A group of us had to get in our caffeine fix before we headed into the studio.
L to R Mindi, Jo-Lynne, Whitney, Kelly (me), Colleen, Colleen, Julie, Liz, and Sarah.

We went through security, checked our coats and had time to mingle. Unfortunately when you get over 100 bloggers in a room together it’s difficult to keep us quiet or in our seats as the production assistants seemed so keen to do. We did manage some hugs, conversations, and one very big group shot with all the Philly Mom Bloggers and one woman I think we trapped behind our crowd. (see all the way in the rear on the left)

Philly Mom Bloggers

Back Row (L to R): Lollie, Sarah, Kelly (me!), Colleen, Sarah, Jennifer, Bay
Front Row (L to R): Mindi, Jo Lynne, Colleen, Julie, Liz, Bay’s friend, Whitney, Melissa

While the show didn’t exactly have a blog focus (2 Martha fans, and Martha’s daughter with one actual blogger does not make a blog show), we had a fabulous time together, and it was neat to see behind the scenes of Martha’s show. I could live on that set!

Next time we’ll plan a brunch at someone’s house and watch it from home.

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