Energizer Kids Take Charge Mixer

By April 26, 2010 Events 7 Comments

Energizer brought its brand new Recharge Smart Charger to Philadelphia where a group of moms and their kids gathered to learn about this smart new invention from the minds at Energizer.  They have improved upon their first generation recharger by adding a countdown timer, a battery fuel gauge, and a bad battery alert.  My kids love to watch the fuel gauge increase to 100%.

In addition to seeing firsthand the new battery charger, there were activities for the kids, gifts for everyone (battery operated, of course), and an opportunity to be one of the first to enter the Energizer “Kids Take Charge” video contest.  My daughter was too shy to perform in front of the camera, but other kids jumped at the chance.  I can’t wait to see who gets picked for the top 10.

Here are some photos of the festivities.

Arts and Crafts

Twittering. Cause it's what bloggers do.

Kudos to to Maria Bailey of BSM Media and momTV for organizing this fun event.

You can enter too.  Visit energizer.com/recharge for submission guidelines.

The giveaway winner is Tara! Congratulations, Tara. Enjoy your new smart charger!

Disclosure: The Energizer Take Charge Mixer was hosted by Maria Bailey of BSM Media.  Each attendee of this event received a complimentary Recharge Smart Charger and one to give away.

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  • Hey thanks for hosting the giveaway, my old charger (not sure what brand) doesn’t have the bad battery alert, it sounds handy.

  • Man, I would’ve loved having this when I was a kid (or even when my kids were younger)! Just being able to tell how much battery life is left would be helpful in planning future purchases…I HATE it when something dies and I wasn’t expecting it. Having a countdown would be SO helpful!

    Sounds like a gadget EVERY family could use…wish I lived closer to Philly so maybe I could’ve joined you. Instead, I’ll cross my fingers for a win!


  • tarabucci says:

    what a fun event! I would love to have the compact charger! I feel the older Isabella gets, the more toys she has that needs batteries. Energizer all the way!

  • stephanie says:

    the countdown timer is a great idea! with 2 boys under 2, I see many batteries in our future!

  • Jamie says:

    Love the bad battery alert…very cool feature!

  • I think my favorite feature must be the ‘bad battery’ indicator. This has happened to me a couple of times, and I’ve thought, “Darn! Is the CHARGER going wonky?”, only to place a different set of batteries in and see that it was the original batteries.

  • I love that it has a gauge that shows how charged a battery is. That way, if you’re in a hurry, you can give the battery just enough charge for what you need it for!

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