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Last week, my kids and I were invited to Peddlers Village in Lahaska, PA, by Mama’s Little Helper and Peddler’s Village.  We were greeted by Chrissy from Mama’s Little Helper and Eve from Peddler’s.  Each of us received a wonderful gift bag complete with coupons, freebies and great gifts from various stores in the Village.  Eve was also kind enough to provide all the blogger attendees giveaway passes for Giggleberry Fair to offer to our readers. So be sure to look for them on various PSMM member blogs.

Giggleberry Fair was great! My son and daughter quickly ran to the ball mountain. I was happy to snag a seat in the Giggleberry parents’ viewing area right next to fellow PSMM Member, Kelly. Our kids had a wonderful time starting a war inside with the air pressured ball guns. I have to say, I got a few shots in myself. I must apologize to Liz if my son hit you with a few balls.  My daughter spent the majority of the time picking up balls off the ground using a large vacuum with Diane’s son.  Who knew Giggleberry Fair could make my daughter want to clean up?

Then all the bloggers and their horde of children walked through the village to Sweet Lorraine’s for lunch. It was a wonderful sight to see all of us (70+) walking through the village; it was like a mommy blogger parade.

At Sweet Lorraines, my 9-year-old son quickly abandoned me for his new friend, Jo-Lynne’s a son. Sweet Lorraine’s had a scrumptious buffet set up for us.  There was pasta bar, homemade chips, and sandwiches including PB&J and mac n’cheese that was to die for.  Cecily and I particularly enjoyed the mozzarella and tomato salad. Everybody was happy and well fed.

After the wonderful meal, we went for deserts at Town Crier Bakery.  Upon arrival we were greeted by fresh sweet cupcakes and other delectable deserts.  The kids waited in line patiently and choose wisely.  Yummy cupcake smiles for all. We were able to meet Kerry, the owner of Town Crier Bakery.  He told us a little bit about his family business.

Then a small group of PSMM members and their kids all headed toward to the Canterbury Tales Forever bookstore.  This small bookstore is a lovely cozy place that makes you want to read. Each of the kids quickly chose their books and sat on the floor to explore their finds. We mommies talked. Finally we pried the kids out of the bookstore (like it’s such a bad problem to have a love of reading.)

Then it was on to the ice cream at Pigadilly’s.  My son passed on the cupcake in hopes of getting a cold sweet treat. He ordered homemade chocolate ice cream, and I ordered the gelato. I tell you, it did not disappoint. I was one happy camper.

Outside Pigadillys, the kids discovered a creek.  It is relaxing to know that Peddler’s Village has open areas where the kids can play, and we did not have to worry about cars. Plus the view was amazing — well kept lawns, water features, and beautiful flowers to enjoy as you stroll through the shops — one of my favorite things about Peddlers Village.

The kids loved the creek; my son keep on saying, “Mommy, there is tokens in here for Giggleberry”.

My response: “You can not take them because you will steal someone’s wishes.”  It was time to move on.
Then the group walked back to Giggleberry Fair for more playtime, but not without stopping by the House of Coffee for a quick cup of joe to keep us going. I got to meet another PSMM member, Jennifer, and we had a lovely long chat.

It was a wonderful day.  I got to know so many PSSM members and relax. Peddler’s Village was a wonderful host to a one of the nicest days I had all summer. Thanks for hosting us.

Can’t wait to come back for the Scarecrow Festival.

Photo Credit: Sherry from  BabyPop

Disclosure statement: We received day passes to Giggleberry Fair, lunch at Sweet Lorraine’s, and a gift bag from Peddler’s Village, but that in no way reflects my opinions in this post.

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