PSMM Golf Workshop with PGA pro Pete Coffee

Friday, July 22nd was the hottest day of the summer.  Heat advisories warned people to minimize their outdoor activity.  PECO had record breaking energy usage.  But it didn’t stop 4 brave souls from hitting the links…well, the driving range.

PSMM members Jessica, Hillary, Jeanine and Karla with PGA pro, Pete Coffee

PSMM members Jessica, Hillary, Jeanine and Karla with PGA pro, Pete Coffee

Hillary was the first to arrive, completely decked out in her adorable golf outfit.  One would never imagine that she only had a single experience with a golf club.  Jeanine and Jessica were also new to the game, but all of the ladies picked up the fundamentals rather quickly.  Our instructor was PGA pro Pete Coffee, owner of the Pete Coffee Golfing Academy in North Wales, PA.

Hillary and Pete Coffee

Pete has such a laid back style of teaching.  He recognizes that each person will have a different swing, a different stance, a different grip.  The goal is to learn and understand the fundamentals, so that you can enjoy the game of golf.  Here is what a few of the ladies had to say:

“I thought the golf clinic was a ton of fun. Pete was so sweet and patient. His instruction about the “L to L” swing and the wrist hinge really struck with me.” – Hillary

“Pete Coffee was really a great instructor and used humor as well as expertise to teach us beginners the basics, while showing the more experienced players some ways to polish off their swing.  Personally, I feel I learned the most from realizing that the key to a good golf swing is to just relax.  That’s right.  Just to loosen up a bit and relax and not to worry too much about how far the ball goes or if I even hit the ball!  I found that once I was less worried about hitting the ball with force or strength, that not only was I having a lot more fun but that some of my golf balls were sailing out onto the driving range.  Pete helped me to see that the key to being good at golf is to relax and enjoy yourself.  And who doesn’t like to do that?” – Jeanine

We had such a good time that Pete is offering us the opportunity to have a second clinic in the early fall.  We hope that more ladies will join us.

*Disclaimer – The lesson with Pete Coffee was free, however all opinions and testimonials were honest opinions.

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