PSMM goes to The Martha Stewart Show

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A few weeks ago, The Martha Stewart Show put out a call for groups to apply to be in the audience. PSMM member Hillary applied for our group, and lo and behold, we received in invite!

There was a group of seven ladies from the Philly Social Media Moms, and we were escorted in and shown to seats in the middle front of the audience.  We were good girls and followed ALL of Martha’s dress requirements.

PSMM Members | Jessica, Valerie and Sherrie

Jessica, Valerie and Sherri at The Martha Stewart Show

PSMM Members | Jen, Trina and Jessica

Jen, Trina and Jessica at The Martha Stewart Show

I was absolutely speechless over the beauty of the set design. . .

Read more about the trip at Hillary’s blog, My Scraps.

PSMM members in attendance were Hillary, Sherrie, Jessica, Jessica, Trina, Valerie and Jen.

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Jo-Lynne Shane is co-founder of Philly Social Media Moms and author of her personal fashion and lifestyle blog, Jo-Lynne Shane: My Life & Style, where she shares wearable style and beauty tips for the suburban housewife. Jo-Lynne lives in the western suburbs of Philadelphia with her family.

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