Spiders, Pigs, and Blogging Friends at Charlotte’s Web

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Friendship comes in many forms. Animals to animals, owners to pets, and blogger to bloggers. Some of my greatest friendships I have from blogging. So it would only be natural that Philadelphia Social Media Moms and their families joined each other last Saturday night for the Opening Night of Charlotte’s Web at the Arden Theatre in Philadelphia. We celebrated our friendships and we celebrated the friendships between Wilbur and Fern and Charlotte and Wilbur.

I always love Opening Night at The Arden because they provide so many great activities for the kids. This night was no different. Just take a look at the pictures below. There was spider making, photos with Bubbles the pig, face painting, trivia games about spiders, adjective webs to be spun, actors to be interviewed and delicious refreshments to be eaten.

Face painting and Snout Making - Photo credit to Jo-Lynne Shane


Adjective Web at Arden Theater

Adjective Web - Photo credit Jennifer Auer


Whack A Mole

Whack A Mole - Photo Credit Caitlin Sigler Knight

Interviewing Charlotte after the play

Interviewing Charlotte - Photo Credit to Jo-Lynne Shane

Franklin Fountain ice cream at Charlotte's Web

Franklin Fountain ice cream at Charlotte's Web Photo Credit to Jennifer Auer

In full disclosure, The Arden Theatre provided several bloggers and our families with tickets to see Charlotte’s Web.

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