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As a mom of a 14-year-old son, I am aware that the next big parenting hurdle I have to cross is likely to be teaching him how to drive. Perhaps second only to potty training, teaching my child to drive is about the most intimidating parenting task I can imagine. I know it’s going to test my patience and the limits of our relationship. I can only hope that we both emerge from this experience unscathed!

In addition to actually learning how to operate a moving vehicle, he will have to learn the information needed to pass the written test so I was delighted to learn about a site that will help him practice for his DMV driving test – by Elegant E-Learning.

Driving Tests

Elegant E-Learning specializes in helping learner drivers across the United States and around the world. Years of knowledge and experience in driver education have been transformed into an online resource library by a team of e-learning experts, resulting in the development of engaging and effective practice tests that are much more interactive and engaging than the standard issue Driver’s Manual. The Elegant E-Learning team prides themselves in being with their users every step of the way – from helping them to get ready and pass their written permit test at the DMV to guiding them through best practices on the road to make sure they are safe on the road.

Did you know that 72% of people fail their DMV driving test the first time? At, your child can practice sample permit tests for free as many times as they need – until they’re ready to take the real DMV test!

How does it work?

When you click on the Let’s Start button, you will be prompted to choose the state in which you live. Then you will want to select a practice test from the list. You will also note that they have Motorcycle Practice Tests as well as Car Practice Tests.

Practice Test

 Just for fun, I selected PA Permit Practice Test 1. I like how you get immediate feedback with the bar on the left.


If you get an answer wrong, it corrects you right away so you can tuck away that information for future reference.

wrong answer

At the end, you get your score.


Well, that’s embarrassing! It looks like I could use some brushing up on the rules of the road!

Want to know more? Read about some of the success stories or view their fact sheet.

Get a free, downloadable Parent-Teen Driver Contract.

And this Focus On the Road Infographic is quite interesting.

In a nutshell, I’m impressed with Having this resource should go a long way towards giving kids the confidence they need to ace their driving test, hopefully the first time.

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