Ronald McDonald Did Yoga With PSMM Bloggers

As a New Jersey blogger and event planner, I love when I can combine my love for New Jersey with the thrill of planning an event, especially when it means I can introduce others to new places. I that chance this past July when as part of Jersey Family Fun, I cohosted a pop up yoga event with McDonald’s of the Greater Philadelphia Area and later took them to a quiet beach in Somers Point. The event was open to bloggers, their families, and the public, and was held to help relaunch McDonald’s Asian Salad.


McDonalds Philly Yoga Event – Photos by Swiger Photography

On July 9, Philadelphia area bloggers came together with their families and Ronald McDonald for a yoga class at the Somers Point McDonald’s. Our class was lead by a Hummingbird Yoga instructor and was initially supposed to be on the front lawn of the McDonald’s, but Mother Nature had other plans. Unfortunately, the grounds were pretty wet from the morning’s rain, but it wasn’t wet enough to dampen our spirits or desire to learn and stretch. Our friends over at the Charter Tech opened their doors and inside gym to us.

Karen Traa, local owner of the Somers Point McDonald’s, took time to not only talk to us about how yoga and McDonald’s salads fit into a healthy lifestyle but also how McDonald’s values their partnerships with bloggers through the McCafe Moms program. As we started our lesson, we were encouraged to disconnect from our phones and tablets so that we can connect to our bodies through yoga. And yes, us bloggers were able to disconnect. Joining our class were these Philadelphia bloggers from PSMM and their families:

Pictured from front to back: Jennifer Auer, Jersey Family Fun; Barbara Spalding, Homeroom at Home; Jennifer Oxenford Fhilly Fun 4 Kids McDonalds Philly Yoga Event – Photos by Swiger Photography

McDonalds Philly Yoga Event – Photos by Swiger Photography

One of my favorite pictures from our yoga class. Pictured in front Barbara Spalding’s child, Homeroom at Home. In back Jennifer Oxenford Philly Fun 4 Kids McDonalds Philly Yoga Event – Photos by Swiger Photography

Ronald McDonald participated, big red shoes and all. He was a great yoga student and must have taken lots of notes between stretches. Later on, when most of us were enjoying our McDonald’s Asian Salad, I discovered him on the front lawn leading a yoga class. His students, members of the Tierney Agency, and PSMM’s own, Aida were right there with him.

Pictured from left to right: Aida Crooms-Ingram, Girlfriends with Goals; Tierney Agency reps, Ronald McDonald McDonalds Philly Yoga Event – Photos by Swiger Photography

Of course I did what any good blogger would do, I snapped pictures and then shared them across all my social networks in between bites of my Asian Salad. 😉

McDonald’s Asian Salad McDonald s Philly Yoga Event – Photos by Swiger Photography

In fact, that’s what all of us did during McDonald’s Pop Up Yoga Event to relaunch the Asian Salad. We actively shared details and images on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. It’s a fun part of our job, but it’s also a significant benefit to having bloggers at an event. By involving bloggers to attend and hiring a blogger to cohost the event, McDonald’s of the Greater Philadelphia area ensured that the news of the Asian Salad was not just amplified across all of their networks but also all of ours.

Here are some of the blog posts that came out of the McDonald’s Asian Salad and Pop Up Yoga Event

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