What’s New with Comcast Xfinity?

PSMM members at Comcast Xfinity Event

Over the last week, Philly Social Media Moms partnered with Xfinity for two events, one in PA and one in NJ, to explore all that Comcast Xfinity has to offer and to take a closer look at Xfinity Apps, Xfinity Home, and X1.

Over 30 influencers attended and all were impressed with the information that was shared — the functionality, tech, and Xfinity’s pledge to improve customer service.

I was impressed with how Xfinity took a straightforward approach to the steps they are taking to improve.

Xfinity, also known as Comcast, was started in Philly in the early 60s by Ralph Roberts. It has since grown into a country-wide powerhouse. The company has stayed with its roots and continues to invest in the Philadelphia Area, including their newest building and the expansion of their global headquarters, which is projected to open in 2017.

The state-of-the-art Comcast Innovation and Technology Center will be one of the largest buildings in the country and an impressive fixture in Center City. Lovethat!

Xfinity knows it has a bad reputation for customer service and is working very hard to change that. They are bringing some of their outsourcing back in-house — both in the customer service area and the tech area. Xfinity knows what it wants and now builds tech to its own vision and standards — no more back and forth with outside contractors.

They are also streamlining customer service procedures in creative ways. Gone are the days of “someone will be there in the AM…” and you sat and waited and waited.  Now you can see the estimated time of arrival down to a 15 minute window, so if you want to run to the store, you can. AND you can see a photo of who will be coming to your house so you can feel secure opening the door when they arrive and can track their progress.

Xfinity stores are popping up all over and are staffed with excited and knowledgeable teams eager to show you what you can get from their service.

Xfinity Store

To make things even more interesting and fun, they provided a nice giveaway for us! (See below!)

My Top 5 Takeaways:

1. The KidsZone – Not only can you set parameters around what your kids have access to and watch, you can even queue up the shows so they run one right into the other on demand!  Xfinity’s “common sense media” easily helps me determine what is appropriate for my kids via their rating system. Plus, you have the ability to set it up so kids can independently surf on their own and never come across content that is inappropriate.

Kids Zone

2. X1 will change how you experience TV with thousands of choices, a voice controller, and a cable box that is smaller than my wallet. Pretty cool!

3. Xfinity Home is ah-mazing! Using the available components, or your own that are compatible, you can detect water in your basement, watch your dog via live video monitoring while you are at work, know if your liquor cabinet opens (teen life will never be the same with today’s tech, lol!), and my favorite — control your heat & air from your bed. No more going downstairs in the middle of the night! You can set “rules” like “turn this on at 10 AM” or “notify me and my husband if the front door doesn’t open between 3:15 and 3:30“ when a child is due to arrive home from school — 24/7 professional security monitoring that you can arm and disarm remotely, or even assign temporary codes. There are so many options to consider that can make your life easier!

4. Xfinity Mobile Apps allows you to enjoy TV on the go, share with your college student kid, and send and receive live streams. You can even send your kid’shockey game right to their grandparents’ TV — the biggest screen in their house. How cool is that!

5. Xfinity truly wants to improve the perception of their customer service. If the excitement, knowledge, and professionalism of the employees I encountered at the two locations I visited is a sample of that plan, they will succeed!

Take a look and see if Xfinity is right for you! They now have bright & spacious stores in this area with many more in the works.

  • Exton
  • Havertown
  • Willow Grove

New Jersey

  • May’s Landing
  • Mercer Mall
  • Lawrenceville
  • Tom’s River Union
  • Rio Grande


  • Wilmington

Stop in and experience a demo or two and find out what specials they may have for you.

xfinity giveaway

For some fun, one lucky reader will win a Nest Learning Thermostat, which will save you both time and money, plus it is compatible with Xfinity Home! Good Luck!

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