Touring the Philadelphia Magazine Design Home with Xfinity

This post is sponsored by Comcast, who hosted Philly Social Media Moms at the Philadelphia Magazine 2017 Design Home last week.

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Last week over 20 Philadelphia Social Media Moms gathered at the Philadelphia Magazine design home in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. We were treated to a tour of the gorgeous house and lunch afterward. As we toured the house in awe, we learned all about the latest Xfinity technology. I went home feeling very grateful to Comcast Xfinity, realizing they make my life so much easier. I was aware of all the features my family already uses but also learned some new tricks to pass on to the rest of my household.

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We have had Comcast TV for as long as I can remember. Xfinity X1 has really changed the way my family experiences TV. The Entertainment Operating System gives all its customers a very interactive experience. With the voice remote, it is possible to search for networks, shows and movies or recorded programs in seconds. It really is a time saver and I have to admit it’s fun to talk to your TV!

We learned about the integrated TV apps and I was pretty proud to bring this information back to my husband and teenagers. The sports app allows them to watch their favorite team but also check on other teams’ scores or schedules. Yes, for once mom knew something about sports that the boys in the house didn’t.

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The other information I impressed my teenagers with was that they could pull up their social media accounts on the big screen. How about bringing up your Instagram photos for everyone to see? This would be perfect for a sports team party or graduation party. It beats having to make another slide show. I really became the cool mom when I suggested these things to them.

Other popular TV apps allow users to check weather, play favorite music or see the entire Netflix catalogue. With Xfinity apps, parents can monitor what shows their children watch or set up Kids Zone, which is a safe and secure place where younger children can explore their favorite TV content.

Next, we were brought up to date on Xfinity Home. This is Comcast’s home security system which offers 24/7 professional security monitoring. It can be controlled remotely from an app on your phone. This allows customers to go on vacation and have peace of mind with live video monitoring and control of the system from almost anywhere.

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Rules can be set up on the security system that works personally for any family. Lights can be turned on or off at certain times or a cooling system can be turned on right before returning home. Customers can receive notifications to let them know if a door was opened or you can monitor if your teenagers visitors if you are not home. The possibilities with this system are endless.

It seems like everything and anything are possible with the Xfinity Apps. I knew I could live stream TV on any of my devices or check my emails from the car or grocery store. But I really can do so much more. From paying my bill to trouble shooting my devices, Xfinity really knows how to simplify my life.

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Just when I thought I had all the technology my family needs, I found out that Xfinity released a new personalized wifi service called Xfi this week. It allows users to manage their home network easily with a digital dashboard. Control over your home technology couldn’t get any easier!

While I love all the features I have in my home, there is now also Xfinity Mobile. It is a new wireless service coming soon which combines America’s largest, most reliable 4G LTE network with Comcast’s 16 million WiFi hotspots. In our increasingly data driven world, customers will have access to the best networks with a product designed to save them money.

For more details on all this awesome technology, check out the Comcast Xfinity website. PSMM has partnered with Xfinity for an exciting giveaway. You can win an Amazon Tap. This device is compatible with all Xfinity has in the home. We can’t wait to see what Comcast Xfinity has in store for the future!

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Post written by PSMM member Lisa Grant, also known as Jersey Girls Cooks.

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